Astra R-Nesting  v.5.6

Astra R-Nesting - rectangular nesting software. Tools found in this software enable users to: automatically and manually nesting, calculate offcuts, print reports and labels, output cutting layouts to CNC saws.

Astra Jigsaw Art Edition  v.1 21

Astra Jigsaw Art Edition is relaxing jigsaw puzzle game with a collection of 100 puzzles. Intricate pieces are shaped after the fashion of antique jigsaw puzzles.


Astra Jigsaw France and UK  v.1 21

Astra Jigsaw France and UK includes 100 unique-styled computer jigsaw puzzles. For each puzzle you can choose four different styles of pieces and smoothly change the number of pieces from 40 to 2900.

Astra Jigsaw Europe Tour  v.1 21

Astra Jigsaw Europe Tour is another collection of jigsaw puzzles from Lena Games, this time with some excellent photographs of Europe.

Astra Image  v.

Astra Image PS provides you with outstanding plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop (or any application that supports Photoshop plug-ins). Now you can utilise the power of Astra Image from within the industry-standard image manipulation environment.

Astra Jigsaw Americas  v.1 23

Astra Jigsaw Americas is a jigsaw game with landscapes from Central and South America. This game allows you to use some of the available images as puzzles that you must solve.

Astra Jigsaw My Favorite Things  v.1 21

Astra Jigsaw My Favorite Things is yet another edition of the jigsaw puzzle collection from Lena Games, a game that recreates the traditional jigsaws many of us used to play as kids.

Astra Gift Maker  v.1 2

Astra Gift Maker is a program designed to transform your photos or any type of images into jigsaw puzzles that you can use for a variety of purposes, as a gift or even as a promotion tool. Using the program is pretty straightforward.

Astra Jigsaw India  v.1 22

This is a new edition of Astra Jigsaw from Lena Games, now presenting a whole new collection of jigsaws with photographs of India.

Astra Jigsaw Italy and Spain  v.1 21

Astra Jigsaw Italy and Spain, from Lena Games, presents a new collection of jigsaw puzzles with pictures of Spain and the beautiful, romantic Italy.

Astra Jigsaw Art Edition for Mac OS  v.1 1

Astra Jigsaw Art Edition is a relaxing jigsaw puzzle game including 100+ puzzles. Intricate pieces are shaped after the fashion of antique jigsaw puzzles. Each piece can have up to 9 neighbors rather than usual 4 which makes playing quite a

Astra S-Nesting  v.2.0.0

Astra S-Nesting software is intended for optimizing true shape nesting.

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